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Formatting Salesforce Formula Text Fields

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Have you ever painstakingly created a text formula field in Salesforce only to have your efforts come out looking like this?

Well, there’s a way to make sure the text in your formulas is readable and neat. Salesforce allows the use of simple formula operators that are easy to use once you get the hang of them. The operator we’ll use in this example is the &BR() operator.

Give It Space

&BR() is a formula operator that creates a line break between lines of text in a text or formula field. This prevents the content from appearing “squished” together and essentially acts as a “spacer” for your text.

You can add the &BR() operator where you want the line break to occur. The operator is inserted after the text and creates the space.

Use the &BR() operator to add spaces to your text.

Text formula field after adding the &BR() operator.

If you need more space between lines or paragraphs of text, add more operators. The number of operators present before you close the formula determines how many lines of space will occur in the text. 

In the above example, we’ve created two spaces. You’ll notice that the last operator has an extra ampersand (the & symbol) behind the double brackets. That closes the formula and ends the line breaks.

You can also use this operator in text field formulas such as text area (long) fields and Rich Text fields in Salesforce. 

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