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Salesforce Sales Path Can Help Train Your Sales Reps

Let’s face it, hiring and training Sales Reps is a costly activity. The quicker you can get your Sales Reps up to speed the quicker they can contribute to the success of the company. Salesforce has a few built-in Sales Tools that can help reduce the amount of time it takes to get your new Sales hires up and running. All it takes is a little planning, so let’s get started. Who Should Be Involved?

We recommend including the following resources in planning and implementing your Sales Processes and Path. We understand that in smaller organizations all of these roles may be fulfilled by the same person, but as you grow you may want to reassign these responsibilities to the correct owner.

What is a Sales Process and Sales Path?

Sales Process

Creating a sales process in Salesforce gives an organization the ability to define the stages and process steps that end users need to take to complete a sales cycle. If you have more than one record type on the object where you are creating the process, you will be able to assign a different process to each record type. Sales Path

A Sales Path allows you to do three things:

  1. Identify the key fields that should be presented in each path step

  2. Provide written guidance to help the Sales user understand what activities should be completed within that step.

  3. Reinforce your selling methodology. Your users don’t have to ask their counterparts what’s expected in each step of the path because it will constantly be in front of them.

What is a Path?

  • A Sales Path is a set of streamlined steps that help your sales reps adhere to your company’s specific sales processes.

  • You create these stages as well as the guidance text, which gives hints or instructions that sales reps need to follow.

  • Specify the fields that you’d like your users to see in each Path as well as Guidance to give them more detailed instructions.

Sales Path is available on the following objects:

  • Accounts (business accounts and person accounts)

  • Campaigns

  • Cases

  • Contacts

  • Contracts

  • Fulfillment Order

  • Leads

  • Opportunities

  • Orders

  • Quotes

  • Service Appointments

  • Work Orders

  • Work Order Line Items

  • Custom objects

Path is also available for Lightning record pages in the new Salesforce mobile app.

The Guidance for Success text box provides plenty of space for anything you want to present to your sales team: remind them of a crucial step, like follow up calls with leads, remind them of policy, add links to Chatter or internal FAQs or even Marketing Materials that they can download and send to their prospects or customers.

Why Should I Take the Time to Set Up Sales Path?

Training Sales Reps is necessary in every organization, but it also pulls them away from their day-to-day jobs. Salesforce provides you with a tool to use to reinforce training while they are performing their jobs and ensure that your Sales teams understand what is expected during each step of the Sales Process.

Imagine training new Sales hires for half a day instead of one or two days because Salesforce is set up to align and support their training. Imagine having a system that will walk your end users through the steps of finalizing a Contract in Salesforce so training is not required.

Those examples are two of the many reasons why you should take the time to plan out your implementation and get it done!

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